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Get the iPALS 2.3 software, and let us do the "dirty work", getting your RETS or IDX FTP feed up and running in just a matter of days. We will research your feed, setup the mapping of data fields from your Real Estate Office to your database fields, and run a test/sample import.

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Welcome to RETS Real Estate Sites!  We are your real estate website professionals, helping make your site the source for real estate information in your area.  We have unique features that others do not, along with professional and local support.  We have a variety of packages to meet any budget, small or large, semi-customized or fully customized.   We will help you impress your clients with the amount of services you can offer right on your site.  All our sites are responsive, modern, and search engine friendly.

Current Version - iPALS 2.3

Our most current version of iPALS is version 2.3.1

Coming Soon: iPALS 3.0 designed as a Joomla! component, complete with admin ACL. (in beta right now)

Change Log:

  • Released January 8, 2016 (1:50am) -- Changed the geocoding provider for Pro Geocoding from Data Science Toolkit, who abruptly shutdown, to MapQuest.
  • Released December 2, 2015 -- Added support for Most Wanted Real Estate, our fork of the popular EZ Realty component for Joomla!
  • Released July 28, 2015. Licensing has been moved to our Stallion Onine Services billing and support system. More features coming soon.
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The Stallion Online Services Internet Properties Automatic Listing Systems (iPALS) version 2 is an import and maintenance software that creates a seamless connection between RETS and popular Real Estate components. With iPALS 2, support IDX FTP Feeds (XML, Tab Separate, CSV, etc.) are also supported within the same piece of software. With the release of iPALS 2 we implements a graphical user interface, using Twitter Bootstrap framework.

iPALS is the result of hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars, worth of research, development, and testing. iPALS 2 is a unique system that contains a core system, then with the use of plugins can support various database structures. No 3rd party software implementations are needed. We work closely with Real Estate agents and brokers to add functionality that THEY see as necessary. 

When the software is run, either manually or via CRON, the script will:

  • Import Agents
  • Import Companies
  • Import Property types, such as Residential, Commercial, Lease, and Multi-Family Listings, etc. (Up to 4 categories at the listed price. Additional categories are additional.)
  • Remove listings
  • Update listings
  • Update sale types (from For Sale, to Pending, Leased, Sold, etc.)
  • Geocode listings (creation of latitude and longitude)
  • Download Listing Photos
  • Optional cloud storage of images on Amazon (fees may apply)
  • Automatic creation of Search Engine Friendly URLs (with Most Wanted Real Estate and EZ Realty)
  • Mapping of Amenities (with Most Wanted Real Estate and EZ Realty provided data is in the feed)
  • and much more

Why iPALS? Localization of data and images, improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and NO CUSTOM PROGRAMMING REQUIRED. Many Real Estate website providers "wrap" the data into your website. The problem: all of the links for that data may point back to the website provider, and not yours, which can affect your website links in the search engines. With iPALS, all of the listings are stored in a database for YOUR website, allowing for hundred, even thousands, of links back to your site, so YOU can make the sale.

Don't be fooled by other options available. iPALS 2 has been developed, and tested, to work with all of the major MLSs, and processes listing data directly into the database for the selected software. No CSV files, no custom programming. Install iPALS 2, and once the fields are "mapped" to the listing software database fields, you're up and running.

MLS Integration Method

RETS Integration


IDX FTP Integration

IDX Framing



Search Engine Ranking High High Negative Generally, Negative
Data Accuracy High Medium High High
Data Management Control High Low None None
Overall Cost of Deployment Moderate Moderate Low Unknown
High Moderate Low Low
Time to Deployment 3-5 Business Days (Average) 5 to 7 Business Days (Average) N/A N/A
Match Look/Feel of Website Yes Yes Generally, No. Yes
iPALS 2.0 Supports Yes Yes Can't match with databases - Independent Iframe No

Need specialize support for your database structure? Contact us.

Supported Listing Software

iPALS 2.0 supports the following software components. iPALS 2.0 can easily support additional software, with the creation of a plugin developed by our developer for the particular software.

  • Most Wanted Real Estate 1.0 or greater
  • EZ Realty 6.10.x or greater
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.5
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.6
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 2.0.x or greater

Endorsed Software

iPALS 2.x can (and does) support numerous different software packages. But which one is best? Much of what would be considered best is based on the users preference. However, at Stallion Online Services we decided to offer an ENDORSEMENT program. If a piece of software is ENDORSED by us, it means that from our personal experience, as well as (and more importantly) the feedback from our clients, they have OUTSHINED the others in our list. Our currently ENDORSED Real Estate Listing Component is:

Most Wanted Real Estate

Check here to find out more about some of our ENDORSEMENT criteria.

iPALS Newsletter

Please note: iPALS is independent software, and does NOT include the any Joomla! Real Estate components, nor does it include a completed website. For a website design bid, please contact Stallion Internet.