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The base cost of iPALS includes the software, basic research on the feed, setting up the feed, and performing a sample import of UP TO 100 listings. Additional services that are available:

  • Full managed initial data import -- minimum $300 (6 hours). Additional time billed at the rate of $100/hour.
  • Technical support with your MLS. You, the client, are the authorized contact with your MLS. If you need us to get involved with your MLS on resolving some technical issues, this is billable at the rate of $100/hour.
  • Technical support in resolving issue with your hosting service/provider is billable at the rate of $150/hour. If you are a current Stallion Online Services web hosting client, support may be included in your hosting package.

Supported Listing Software

iPALS 2.0 supports the following software components. iPALS 2.0 can easily support additional software, with the creation of a plugin developed by our developer for the particular software.

  • Most Wanted Real Estate 1.0 or greater
  • EZ Realty 6.10.x or greater
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.5
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.6
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 2.0.x or greater

Endorsed Software

iPALS 2.x can (and does) support numerous different software packages. But which one is best? Much of what would be considered best is based on the users preference. However, at Stallion Online Services we decided to offer an ENDORSEMENT program. If a piece of software is ENDORSED by us, it means that from our personal experience, as well as (and more importantly) the feedback from our clients, they have OUTSHINED the others in our list. Our currently ENDORSED Real Estate Listing Component is:

Most Wanted Real Estate

Check here to find out more about some of our ENDORSEMENT criteria.

iPALS Newsletter

Please note: iPALS is independent software, and does NOT include the any Joomla! Real Estate components, nor does it include a completed website. For a website design bid, please contact Stallion Internet.