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iPALS Update Release - 11/29/2014

Provides a fix for EZ Realty 7.2, where rhe last updated field uses a serial number rather than date/time.


iPALS 2.2.9 Update Release - 11/24/2014

Version 2.2.9 supports iProperty 1.5, 2, and 3, as well as EZ Realty 6, 7, 7.1 and the new EZ Realty 7.2.

Release Date: November 24, 2014

New features for EZ Realty:

  • Multi-category mapping. This allows special criteria to be set to assign listings to multiple categories. For example, a residential listing would be assigned to the Residential category, then we could set that if dwelling type is Manufactured Home is would be assigned to residential AND manufactured home, or if it was a condo it would be assigned to residential and Condo. This adds a lot of flexibility to iPALS in assigning listings to multiple categories.

iPALS 2.3 is currently sitting on our developers desk. A sampling of new option: pull listing images for an option resource and class, such as Media, rather than from the property resource.


iPALS 2.0.2 Update Release - 07/22/2012

New Feature(s):

  • Extended RETS office/agent lookup from Property resource to office/agent resources for EZ Realty.

iPALS 2.0.1 Update Release - 07/16/2012

New Feature(s):

  • With the "flip of a switch", iPALS 2.0 can now support RETS or IDX FTP feeds.


  • If a listing didn't have any photos, a PHP warning would be issued. Handling of non-existent images has been fixed.
  • The EZ Realty plugin was populating SOLD using the Status Accept settings. This has been fixed.
  • iProperty plugins were only setting the category ID for Residential, land, and commercial. No other category ID we're being processed. This has been fixed.
  • For remote images the path had a trailing / for EZ Realty. Resolved.

iPALS 2.0 Stable Release

  • Completed the main code, developed as an API, with plugins to support different database structures. iPALS 2.0 currently supports EZ Realty 6.10.x, iProperty 1.5, iProperty 1.6, and iProperty 2.0.

Supported Listing Software

iPALS 2.0 supports the following software components. iPALS 2.0 can easily support additional software, with the creation of a plugin developed by our developer for the particular software.

  • Most Wanted Real Estate 1.0 or greater
  • EZ Realty 6.10.x or greater
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.5
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.6
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 2.0.x or greater

Endorsed Software

iPALS 2.x can (and does) support numerous different software packages. But which one is best? Much of what would be considered best is based on the users preference. However, at Stallion Online Services we decided to offer an ENDORSEMENT program. If a piece of software is ENDORSED by us, it means that from our personal experience, as well as (and more importantly) the feedback from our clients, they have OUTSHINED the others in our list. Our currently ENDORSED Real Estate Listing Component is:

Most Wanted Real Estate

Check here to find out more about some of our ENDORSEMENT criteria.

iPALS Newsletter

Please note: iPALS is independent software, and does NOT include the any Joomla! Real Estate components, nor does it include a completed website. For a website design bid, please contact Stallion Internet.