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System Requirements:

  • Joomla! Real Estate Website. Need a website? (Our Real Estate design packages INCLUDE your choice of supported Joomla! Real Estate component in the price.)
  • Current, active subscription to the chosen Real Estate component interface.
  • Linux Operating System (recommended)
  • PHP 5.3 or greater (not designed for older versions)
  • MySQL 5 (or higher)
  • Current IonCube Loaders v.4.4.2 or greater (there are hosts that don't keep their software up-to-date)
  • ImageMagick, GD2, or NetPBM
  • PERL
  • cURL
  • PHP Memory Limit set to 64M or higher
  • Ability to alter PHP settings on a folder basis, if required (such as max_execution_time)
  • May need to open TCP_IN/TCP_OUT, depending on RETS provider.
  • Possible TCP/IP Ports: 6103, 12109, 8080. NOTE: If your RETS login URL has the URL, a colon, then one of the ports above, you must have that port number open for TCP/IP In and Out.
  • If hosting is through HostGator, there is a custom modification required in their code, due to the way they have their servers configured. They are the only company that we have encountered that requires a custom modification.

* Depending on your RETS service, you may need a hosting provider that has Port 6103, 12109, or 8080 TCP_in and TCP_out open. Unless the RETS service provides a different alternative, these may be required.

System Recommendations:

Don't use a shared hosting environment, for optimal performance. Exception: Stallion Online Services has servers running ONLY Real Estate websites. These servers have had numerous customizations done for optimal performance. You won't find this with the big commercial providers. Failure to do so may result in iPALS staff not diagnosing issues, as 99% of issues are host related.

*Please note that most hosting providers (i.e. HostGator, SiteGround, BlueHost, GoDaddy, HostMonster) will only open TCP_OUT port 6103. Many RETS servers perform their communication over this port, and without both in and out open, then there's the potential for problems with the server communication.

Lastly, server performance is highly important, due to the amount of data that will be processed. Will your hosting provider handle it? We can't say. However, if you are with a "cheap" hosting provider, the odds may be against you. Most of these "cheap" hosting providers pack their servers with as many accounts as it can handle, them pack a ton more on top of it. The way to determine if your provider is a "cheap" host, look at what they are offering. If they are offering outrageous amounts of resources (Unlimited everything, or 100GB disk space, etc.) they are one that is going to severely impact your integration.

Supported Listing Software

iPALS 2.0 supports the following software components. iPALS 2.0 can easily support additional software, with the creation of a plugin developed by our developer for the particular software.

  • Most Wanted Real Estate 1.0 or greater
  • EZ Realty 6.10.x or greater
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.5
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 1.6
  • Intellectual Property (iProperty) 2.0.x or greater

Endorsed Software

iPALS 2.x can (and does) support numerous different software packages. But which one is best? Much of what would be considered best is based on the users preference. However, at Stallion Online Services we decided to offer an ENDORSEMENT program. If a piece of software is ENDORSED by us, it means that from our personal experience, as well as (and more importantly) the feedback from our clients, they have OUTSHINED the others in our list. Our currently ENDORSED Real Estate Listing Component is:

Most Wanted Real Estate

Check here to find out more about some of our ENDORSEMENT criteria.

iPALS Newsletter

Please note: iPALS is independent software, and does NOT include the any Joomla! Real Estate components, nor does it include a completed website. For a website design bid, please contact Stallion Internet.